The WRAPAROUND program puts together professional home care services in Sacramento CA in a manner that provides a circle of care. You are the center of everything we do.

We only hire professional caregivers who have chosen caregiving as their life’s work. We understand that providing you a skilled and experienced caregiver is essential to fulfilling the WRAPAROUND promise. All For You Home Care also has a Geriatric Care Manager on staff to address all related issues.

We believe that a key reason why so many agencies cannot provide a service that comes close to our WRAPAROUND program is that they do not listen. In many cases due to lack of experience, they do not know how to listen. Listening is far more than hearing. Listening is the active task of understanding and solving problems. We believe that listening is key to the WRAPAROUND success. Listening is the glue that brings all of the other promises together.

The WRAPAROUND program pulls together a variety of professional services, and makes the promise to deliver them. More than 90% of seniors want to stay in their own homes for as long as possible. All For You Home Care makes this possible. We honor the older person by letting them take charge of their own lives. We respect their ability to make the best decisions for themselves. We are honored to facilitate the needed services to ensure that seniors remain home.

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Whatever It Takes

“I’m so glad you’re home. I’ve missed you.” exclaimed Mary as she put her arms around Janet and hugged her. I missed you too, said Janet “Come in,” said Mary, “and see what I have for you”. As she entered her Sacramento home, Janet heard the crackling fire in her fireplace, saw her beautiful flowers on the table, and heard her favorite music. Was that coffee she smelled? Yes it was coffee and she loved to have a cup at this time of day. She looked down at Trig as she felt her cat rubbing against her leg. Now, she was home being greeted with care and love.

Janet’s husband died last year and now she needed caregivers to be with her 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Mary is one of her caregivers. Mary was so excited to see her today because Janet had just returned from visiting her younger sister. Janet was very close to her sister Sally, but had not been able to see Sally since her husband’s death. Janet had so many health problems that it seemed like a pipe dream that she would be able to go and visit Sally in Portland Oregon. What had made the trip so difficult for Janet was that soon after her husband died, she had had a heart attack. Now she was very weak, and was on oxygen.

She had wanted to make this trip for a long time, but when she learned that Sally’s son would be in Sacramento for a few days on business, she began to think that her desire to see her sister might be possible. What if she could fly to Portland with Sally’s son and he could drive her to her sister’s home? Just a day with Sally would be all she would need.

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Family Stress

Many studies speak of the negative impact on the health of family members who are placed under the stress of taking care of an ailing family member.

You have noticed that Dad sleeps all day and breaths heavy as he walks to the mailbox. You’ve seen Mom when she got confused about how much to pay the clerk at the grocery store. When you planned their anniversary party last week, you realized that Dad was now 86 and Mom was 84 and wondered how much more time you would have with them.

As older people age, their adult children have a greater role in their lives. Parents who are used to making all of their own decisions may have to depend on their adult children for everyday needs. This is a difficult transition for everyone in the family.

All For You Home Care in Sacramento CA provides support for the whole family. Our commitment is to help everyone in the family live satisfying lives.

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Coping with Alzheimer's

Today there are between 5 and 6 million people in the United States who suffer with Alzheimer’s disease and over 100 million people who have known a family member, a friend, or a neighbor who has had Alzheimer’s. So many people have been touched by Alzheimer’s Disease that it has had a large impact on all of our lives. As your life expectancy goes up so does your chances of getting Alzheimer’s. It is unknown who in our circle will become affected by this disease–our mother, our father, our friend–so, learning how to cope with Alzheimer’s is a concern for everyone.

All For You Home Care located in Sacramento CA takes care of many people who have Alzheimer’s Disease. We keep the older person as independent as possible for as long as possible. Professional caregivers come into their homes and provide supervision, housekeeping, meal preparation, errands, mind stimulation, personal attention and social support. We also provide support for the entire family. Knowing that your loved one is safe and cared for is an effective way of coping with Alzheimer’s Disease.

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